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Traineeships are designed to give young people the confidence to kickstart their career by developing the skills they need to succeed and become work ready.

Using a combination of classroom-based learning and on-site work experience with a real employer, our traineeships are carefully structured to suit both the trainee and employers needs.

Our traineeships are aimed at 16-19 year-olds who are not currently in work and have little or no work experience, but are focused on getting a job.

Traineeships are part of the Apprenticeship family, but take a much shorter time to complete with the possible outcome of progression to an Apprenticeship or other employment.

Are you a young person who has been turned away from an apprenticeship or job due to lack of experience or skills? A traineeship could be the right pathway for you.

Traineeships include:

As well as industry specific training, a trainee will also receive training focusing on areas such as CV writing, interview tips and inter-personal skills, including preparation for the specific work placement. English and maths qualifications will also be offered to those who have not achieved a GCSE Grade 4-9 or equivalent. Additional flexible content may also be included, for example, careers advice, relevant vocational qualifications, and ICT skills. Young people who have been unsuccessful when applying for an apprenticeship or another job due to a lack of skills and experience would most likely be good candidates for a traineeship. Traineeships are all about preparation, preparing young people for work.

If you are a school leaver who has been knocked back at either the interview stage or even at application level, for apprenticeships and other jobs you want because you haven’t got experience, then that experience can be gained in a traineeship.

TRN (Train) have a range of traineeships across the North East in a variety of business sectors including the Service Sector, Construction Industry and Health and Social Care.

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